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Technology Rant

I was attempting to respond to John’s Blog with a comment from his rant about technology which was very entertaining – entitled “54minutes” – it’s a great read!  Anyway, I was trying to post my comment and the box with the hidden password was disabled which prevented me from leaving my comment.  So, here it is Johnny!

Hey JohnnyMac,

I think I understand where you are coming from because as I read your post, I heard that John Croce 8-track playing in my Dad’s car. I feel frustrations too when I depend on technology and a glitch happens which prevents things from continuing along tickety boo which makes me appreciate the file folders of paper copy of EVERYTHING I have from my teaching career. It pays to be a pack rat and a dinosaur from time to time when the power goes out.


Addition is Grade One

This video from Kathy Cassidy’s Grade One Blog shows some grade one students completing simple addition equations.  It really reminded me that my students, who are the same age, are at the same stage and it reassured me that my students are learning what they need to learn at an appropriate pace.  Kathy Cassidy has also inspired me to create a math video – a lesson in math using new technology.  We can all be learning at the same time.

Spouting Off

I was talking with some colleagues the other day in the staff room at lunch about this great class I’m taking!  We started talking about classrooms of the future and I mentioned that I could see that possibly in the future, classrooms may become obsolete and the number of teachers needed to teach kids would be drastically reduced.  I have since reconsidered these ideas especially with the grade I teach.  For many people, school is not simply a place to send children for an education – cynical as it sounds, it’s also free babysitting.  I think there would be an uprising from parents if schools were closed down and education was delivered via computer.  This also contradicts my Master’s project where I have been looking at the effects of conversation on literacy and learning especially in the younger years.  How would these conversations take place for children with undeveloped reading and writing skills?

Technology Frustration

This afternoon, our buddy class brought their laptops to our classroom.  The purpose of this activity was for the older students to teach the younger students how to use the school website and the grade one link page.  We had to do this activity in my room because the wireless internet does not work throughout the school.  Despite the fact that the wireless connection was very strong at noon, it took some students 15-20 minutes to be able to log on.  In a 30 minute class, the students used the computers for 10 minutes.  Because it was the first time we tried this with our buddies and the buddies were able to visit while they waited, the students were well behaved and easy to manage.  However, on a regular basis, one can understand how mismanaged these students could become with the boredom of waiting for computers and the huge waste of instructional time.  Any ideas or answers out there?

Techno Screw Up (Well, really MY screw up!)

Last night I finished a Voice Thread for my Bio.  I really like using Voice Thread.  I have even tried it with my grade one students.  I don’t like the fact that it is difficult to edit and delete once something had been saved though.  Anyways, I attempted to add this Voice Thread to the Participant Directory on the EC&I wikispace.  Somehow, I don’t know how, I erased Stephen’s Bio (sorry Stephen!  It’s all fixed now though!) and I put my Voice Thread on his Bio.  Thanks to Alec, he was able to retrieve Stephen’s Bio.  I have since been able to add my Voice Thread to the right place but man, did I ever feel like a tool this morning when I checked the Directory and realized what I did.  (Will you forgive me Stephen?!!!)

Brilliant Students

I just spent an hour discussing weather with my grade one students.  I was amazed at the knowledge they shared.  We completed a KWL chart for clouds, rain, rainbows and fog.  The activity is based on a story in our reader.  For each question in the reader, the students had already answered the questions with “What We Know”.  They asked very thoughtful, intelligent questions beyond the questions posed in the reader.  I was also provided the opportunity to include Internet technology when I asked the students how they could find information for questions.  We talked about how to decide when information is accurate or fictional.   What a breath of fresh air!

Just When I Thought I Had It – I Did!

WAHOO!  It worked!  Check it out – I posted/pasted whatever! a YouTube video – it’s not even a link.  I am so stoked right now!  Yeah experience!