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What technology do I use in my classroom as a teacher?

– I teach my students how to use computers – we will soon begin to blog

– I use a computer everyday to check e-mail from colleagues, to submit attendance, to type letters to parents, to prepare lessons for my students, to find lessons and resources for my students

– I still use a chalkboard as well as a whiteboard

– I have a telephone in my room which I dislike using but find very convenient when I need to contact the office or parents

– Sticky tack – I use it ALL the time (is this technology?)

– We use the clock in our room to tell time throughout the day

– I don’t use an overhead because I don’t have a screen

– I have a TV, VCR and DVD player in my room – used for lunch time everyday, occasionally for instructional purposes

– I use a CD player with my students daily, students also listen to books on tape

– Many of the Math manipulatives I use may be considered technology

Okay, I use a lot of technology and I know the list could go on.  I just needed to see this list to get a grasp of where I’m at.



  Alec Couros wrote @

Great place to start, and these are indeed all technologies. I’m hoping that this list will be expanded by the end of the course.

Thanks for the post.

  Patricia Cone wrote @

Darn rights sticky tack is a technology. So is “white out” and so are pencils……..

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