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This YouTube video was suggested for viewing on the EC&I 831 Readings and Media list for January13, 2009. 

I completely agree with what Uncle Phil states on the video!  Every time I attend a workshop or conference and I learn a new skill or acquire new knowledge, I feel like phoning all of my former students and their parents to apologize.  And yet, each and every time I teach something, I use the techniques, skills and strategies which I feel are the best I have at the time.  I have failed my students; however I have not failed my students on purpose.

The video addresses university students but there are still those students in all classrooms, for whom regardless of what we do, they do not reach their potential.  Our system which is “steeped in tradition and old ideas” does not reach everyone’s needs.   We expect these students to adapt to the norm of education rather than schools adapting to student needs.  It is still a journey for me to reach those students who do not fit the model of ‘student’ which we have created which is not to say, that these students are talentless.


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  Alec Couros wrote @

Thanks for your thoughts here, Kim. These are thoughts which I hope to fully explore through this course.

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