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Technology Frustration

This afternoon, our buddy class brought their laptops to our classroom.  The purpose of this activity was for the older students to teach the younger students how to use the school website and the grade one link page.  We had to do this activity in my room because the wireless internet does not work throughout the school.  Despite the fact that the wireless connection was very strong at noon, it took some students 15-20 minutes to be able to log on.  In a 30 minute class, the students used the computers for 10 minutes.  Because it was the first time we tried this with our buddies and the buddies were able to visit while they waited, the students were well behaved and easy to manage.  However, on a regular basis, one can understand how mismanaged these students could become with the boredom of waiting for computers and the huge waste of instructional time.  Any ideas or answers out there?



  Donna DesRoches wrote @


I love hearing about the initiates that you are taking to use technology in your teaching and making it a norm for your students to learn with technology.

The wireless situation is discouraging and I am hoping that we are going through the normal growing pains and will soon have the problems worked out.

  Silvia wrote @

Ouch! That’s frustrating. You don’t say why it took so long for them to log on. Would it help to have some volunteers in the class?

  kimcottini wrote @

Each one of my grade one students had a grade seven or eight buddy to help them log on. It was not a matter of inability but rather an overload on the system as far as I can tell. In fact, I went on my own computer which is hardwired and it was much slower with the extra action going on in the classroom – maybe computers do have feelings after all!

  carla arena wrote @

Hi, Kim, how about as they waited to log in their buddies could work on something extra, like exploring an image that could then be related to the task they were to perform online, or a brain teaser? It could work pretty well. Also, remember that even if they are connecting, they still have the computer there to work on offline activities that could be fun. Can you think of any?

  kimcottini wrote @

Great ideas Carla – thanks. To be honest, we weren’t expecting the delay so weren’t prepared with an alternate activity (and yes, as everybody knows, prepare with plan B,C,and D!). The students wouldn’t have been able to work offline – the delay was simply logging onto the computers!

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