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Questioning my Stupidity

Okay, so all of this ‘stuff’ is starting to gel together – this computer class, my Action Research project, snippets of life at school and at home.  My Action Research project is looking at how kids talk and interact in the classroom.  I have encouraged my students to ask meaningful questions to clarify and gain information.  I personally have never really liked to ask questions (nor talk for that matter).  Leanne posted this hilarious video on her blog about asking questions to gain an understanding:

My first reaction was to laugh, but then I started to take it personally because it really gets to the core of why I hate asking questions – I may be stupid but I don’t want other people to know that so I figure if I keep my mouth shut, nobody will be able to judge my stupidity.  I am taking a lot of chances with these new ideas, resources and tools that Alec is introducing us to.  I still want to be the person trying to figure things out in the dark and know that I have it right before I come out in the light.  I don’t want to ask questions, but like Todd noted while making his video (, I just want to try things out, see what works, and once it works, then bring it into the light.  The other day I asked a stupid question on Facebook and realized after it was posted that the answer was actually right in front of my face.  I really hate asking questions!



  Paul Kolenick wrote @

Hi Kim,
I found your blog really helpful, clear, and easy to understand. I really like the way you’ve set it out. I may set up my blog in a similar way.

Thank-you, Paul

  Leanne wrote @

Never worry about asking questions – my new view on things is . . . I bet many people want to ask the same thing but are just too scared to ask! I remember asking Alec what Web 2.0 meant – wow, did I feel stupid, but as it turns out, many others did not know either! Learning together and supporting one another is what it is all about. How many times have I turned to you for help????? (Don’t answer that – it may make me look bad!) By the way, thank you for all your help in the past and I’m sure I’ll be knocking on your door in the future.

  kimcottini wrote @

Would you care to hear my stupid question of today? I locked myself out a the laptop and it wouldn’t take my password so this kid said to press the start button which I did but nothing happened. So I took it to our tech guy and I just didn’t hold it long enough. Arggg!

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