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I have just been ‘dismissed’ from class and it was a great class this evening with Dean Shareski as the guest speaker.  He talked about sharing information using various tools on the internet as well as creating networks with people.  I have really become obsessed with Twitter although at this point I’m just standing on the fringe as a bystander which is how I operate in real life.  I check my Twitter account, Facebook account, this blog, other blogs (Google reader has really helped to manage other blogs) a number of times a day in case I miss something.  At this point I don’t feel like I have anything valuable to share but I appreciate others allowing me to watch and learn. 

Dean mentioned “Publish then Filter” this evening which makes me realize that it is time for me to reflect on some of my readings because I can always edit my reflections as I read more and learn more – there really isn’t an end point to learning.  Dean also mentioned that “we subscribe to people, not magazines” and I love this because until Twitter, I didn’t really understand this but now I can see that I do subscribe to people and I can learn a lot from other people. 

Another idea from tonight which really resonates with me and applies to my final AR project is that “good ideas usually come from conversations” – this was from a YouTube video (We Think).  I do not have very good conversation skills but I have come to understand that students need to talk to each other to learn from each other and at times, when students share their ideas and in a sense become the teacher, they also learn through this process. 

So, from tonight’s class, I have learned that I need to share, I need to accept information from others just as my students need to share and accept information from others.  My students happen to be in the same room so they can communicate verbally.  My classmates and the participants in tonight’s session are from around the world – we have now found other ways to communicate.  Thank you for “elluminating” me tonight Dean!



  Alec Couros wrote @

Hi Kim,
Thanks for this post. As a tip, it’s good to link to the people you talk about in the text of your posts. For instance, Dean’s blog is … when you link Dean’s name the first time in your post, it’s good to link it to his blog. That way, he will actually get a notification on his blog (or though other services like Technorati) that someone out there is talking about him. That way, it’s easier to bring him into this conversation. Thanks again for this post.

  Dean Shareski wrote @

Or else he gets notified if Alec twitters….. Actually a service like google alerts picks it up even if it’s not linked but the linking is nice for others reading.

Anyway, I think it’s great to hear from classroom teachers. My job allows me to explore ideas and tools in a way most teachers cannot. That’s why your voice is really critical. You’re the ones working with students and can attest to whether these ideas work in the classroom. That’s why I’m so grateful to be able to teach at the U of R as well. I get to practice what I learn.

As your newest subscriber, I’ll eagerly await your reflections and exploration. Have fun. Play. Learn. Share.

  Patricia Cone wrote @

I am enjoying reading your blog, Kim. You write well in a pleasant and entertaining manner.

Your class sounds like a blast!

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