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My first YouTube video!

Check out this video!  My students were learning about measurement in Math so I took a few clips and I was the one who learned something from using video as an assessment tool!



  Patricia wrote @

Well done, Kimmi!

I can’t imagine, though, why you gave up teaching grade 7. Weren’t they just as cute?

  stephen king wrote @

Well done Kim and I noticed you protected the identity of the kids. Very professional and even entertaining.

  Michael Wacker wrote @

I love to see this. Great job! I’m going to forward this to the K-2 teachers in my school, we’re always trying to find ways to integrate videos, technology and K-2 students. This really is great!

  Silvia wrote @

As a university instructor with an entirely different type of student, I loved the enthusiasm of your students and the way they really engaged in the activity. Great job on your first video! You’ve inspired me to think about how I can use *making* videos in my strategies of learning.

  Susan Carter Morgan wrote @

I love the learning and thinking in this. We should all do this more often and share as you did. Thanks!

  kimcottini wrote @

Of course they were just as cute! But grade 7’s don’t believe everything I say unconditionally!!!

  kdimini wrote @

Great Video! What a great assessment tool! I am sure the students were very excited that you were video taping them too.

  mrsmelva wrote @

Great job, Kim
It is interesting isn’t it, when we assess kids how we also learn about ourselves and our teaching. I am very impressed with your work and appreciate your willingness to share.

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