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Satisfaction and Guilt

I feel like a geek, but an excited geek at that.  I have spent the better part of a beautiful day editing and saving a video which is less than two minutes long.  It has taken even more time to figure out how to put it on YouTube (and yes, I know my terminology is extremely simplistic).  And from there I have added this video to my blog and my new wiki.  It’s a whole new world for me and now I sit satisfied… and guilty.  I have learned a lot of new things through experience and I feel proud of my accomplishments but I have also neglected my children. 

And this brings me to my technology tension.  I have been pondering the future of education as being students connected to students and teachers via computers.  That human contact would been missing and the experience of learning with others would be absent as well.  Human contact is extremely important.  A few weekends ago, my children were challenged through a reading program at school to read a recipe and make a recipe for a meal at home.  My children proudly picked out new recipes, we made our grocery lists and went to the store to pick up our items, my children followed their recipes to make their meals and they were so happy to share their accomplishments with the family.  It was the highlight of the weekend.

As we were driving yesterday, my daughter and I were talking.  While we were talking, I was reminded of something a presenter told a group of teachers about students learning things from Smart Boards and how even if children can not actually visit a site, they can learn about it through cyber space.  I’m not sure I agree.  My daughter and  I somehow got on the topic of Victoria, BC.  I explained to her that it is a city in BC, which is the province beside Alberta.  She knows where Alberta is as we have traveled there a number of times.  She knows how foggy St John’s, Newfoundland is because of our trip there this summer.  She knows what a star fish feels like, how lobsters and crabs move and how large a Newfoundlander dog really is because she has seen these things with her own eyes and has experiences to draw from.  Try as I might to explain Victoria to her, she finally told me to never mind as she couldn’t draw on her experiences to understand where Victoria is in Canada or what it looks like.  Technology is amazing and fantastic but so are humans and experiences!  Off I go to enjoy what is left of a weekend with my family.



  Brandy wrote @

Human contact and experience is of extreme importance to learning. I too fear that we are going to lose that. I was thinking about your story about your daughter asking about Victoria, B.C. It is so intinctive for many people to instantly “Google” Victoria, B.C rather that draw on or create human experience. What does that mean for the future of experiential learning? I admit though I too am guilty of Googling way too many things…

  Jackie Durocher wrote @

Very interesting Kim! I to feel very guilty about not having enough time for my children due to the masters program, but we are almost done! I planned on posting my video this weekend, but my kids were lonesome for each other so I had to make a trip to Prince Albert.

  Leanne wrote @

Your wiki is amazing! You have given me some motivation to get my own started – thank you!!!

As for your comment on ‘realism’ – I too think kids are too quick to draw upon the knowledge of google as opposed to their very own thinking! It seems like since everything can be answered using this tool, why bother trying to explore on your own??? I hope we don’t rule out the use of our own creativity and knowledge one day, in place of a source that is way quicker and ‘easier’ to use.

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