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I attended a session at our teacher’s convention in Saskatoon this morning about blogging in the classroom.  The presenter, Eldon Germann,  is from Living Sky School Division.  Our school division has a social network – Yammer.  Eldon uses an avatar on Yammer so it was nice to put a real face to the words I read on Yammer.  Eldon provided a lot of information about using technology in the classroom and I have come away from the session with more ideas to implement.  However, the best idea I came away with was the fact that one can take on too much at one time.  Sometimes I feel so interested, excited and invigorated by everything so new that I’m afraid I don’t take the time to truly understand or learn. 

Eldon asked the question, why educators are afraid of technology.  I think there are a number of reasons.  One huge reason is time.  When our staff was asked to find a staff member to sit on the technology committee, I remember sliding back into my chair in an effort to disappear – how would I have time to learn about technology and be a support to other teachers when I struggle to find time for current responsibilities.  Since this class, I have learned a few things – mostly that I enjoy technology and learning about technology and how to enhance my teaching through the uses and applications available.  As a grade one teacher, I don’t have time during the day to sit at a computer and play.  As a parent of young children, I don’t have time to stay at school and play.  With the advent of laptops and internet accessibility, I am able to play with technology at home, after my children have been comfortably put to bed.

Another fear may be about putting oneself out there.  On the one hand, anyone can read what I write – scary.  On the other hand, who would care or read what I have to write.  This is my second blog and granted, it is not interesting to everyone, I have had people comment on my words (WOW!) and I have felt nothing but unconditional support from these comments and social networks.

It’s too much.  And it is.  But I’m learning that I don’t have to read every word and I don’t have to apply every new idea.  I am learning along with my students.  My students are young and excited and eager.  That also gets me fired up and excited too.

I also think there’s a fine line between enforcing technology on people and allowing people to follow their own interests and needs.  Honestly, I would probably not have tried as many new things were it not for this class I am currently taking.  So in a way, I have been forced to learn new things.  But I’m also finding a personal interest.  I think we need to encourage and support educators in their endeavors whatever they may be and give people time to learn on deeper levels as we expect of our students.



  Todd wrote @

Hi Kim ,

I just finished your post and totally agree with you on many of your points. Time is the biggest issue, exposure to technology [especially implenting it in a meaningful way], and fears of being out there.

Like you I am starting to find a personal interest in using technology. I am discussing it a lot more with fellow colleagues, assisting where I can [comfortably as I am not an expert]. Sharing ideas, etc.

We had our winter convention this week and I signed up for double classes on Smartboards. I missed the first inservice in September due to my trip to PEI and wanted to learn more about them. It was at once a great experience, yet a terrible one at the same time. Great as I saw some uses and was excited over this new technology [hands on]. It was terrible in the sense it was all day [augh]. It was information overload, especially with a lack of hands on activities. One thing I have learned best that I need to effectively learn technology.

Support as you point out in your last paragraph is key.

I always enjoy reading your posts and all your personal insights in them Kim. Have a great weekend and journey as you explore technology.

  JMac wrote @

Hey Kim
That was the worst blog you have ever written…ahhaaha…so much for all the kind words.

Honestly Kim, I could not agree more. Time does march on and if we are expected to keep abreast of every minute detail about technology, we’d never get off the chair and w’d be buying too many packs of Depends.

I greatly enjoy the technology and the exciting prospects that are linked to the technology. My students are not going to know what hit them when they will get a dose of JMac’s technological medicine.

  mrsmelva wrote @

Kim, it’s not just technology that gets teachers thinking they need to try everything, and forgetting to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. I am finding that as I am doing so much reading for the class I am taking that I keep wanting to try all the great ideas at once. I think though, that it is more of an issue with technology because things change so fast. I almost (but not quite) wish I had signed up for the technology class. I am learning from you & the others as I read your blogs and have been inspired to write on my blog a bit, so thanks for sharing your thoughts and your learnings.

  jackie wrote @

Hey Kim! I agree with your point about TIME and technology. I tend to shy away from anything with technology due to lack of time. I have learned a lot from this class so far and I really enjoy reading the blogs. I think I will try a classroom blog for my project.

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