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Moving Backwards

I went to school as usual on Sunday to prepare for my week.  I had to stop myself.  I found that as I was planning activities and lessons for the students, I was thinking of how I could incorporate technology.  Well, that’s not really the case.  As I was planning activities, I was planning technology implementation and finding activities which fit with technology as an end result.  The end result is often the assessment but these lessons would have lost a lot of learning opportunities had I not stopped to realize this and simply jumped ahead to the final result instead of the incremental steps necessary to reach the final destination.  With that said, I had re-adjusted my planning and thinking and I’m hoping to try pod casts this week.  After I have provided the students with valuable learning opportunities!



  JMac wrote @

Kim: I, like you, have been ponering similar ideas about planning and teaching my lessons. It seems I am always using some format that is new (to me anyway) and the kids are totally down with this. I have used CBC podcasts and/or archives as well as youtube. IKt seems someone esle can read a better version of The Tyger on youtube than yours truly…who’d a thunk it? Finally, if you are interested in podcasting, you may want to contact Jim S. He figured it out and was up and running until he recently hit a copywrite snag. I’ll let you talk to him about it.

  kimcottini wrote @

Thanks John – I’ll contact Jim to get more information as to how he uses podcasts in the classroom.

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