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Teaching seems to be all about change and teachers resisting the change.  As teachers, we have the advantage (most of the time) of working with students who are always the same age from year to year.  We become very good at knowing how to interact with our students because although the names and bodies change, essentially we are dealing with similar issues every year.  As a parent, I am watching my own children grow (very quickly I might add).  It’s a full time job to keep up with all of their changes.  This month they want to play dollies and next month they want to sit and listen to an iPod.  If parents can respond so quickly to the ever changing needs of a child, why can’t I respond to the changing needs of society?



  jackie wrote @

Change? I know for most people including myself that change is hard to accept. During the summer I took a class on sustaainable communities and the book we used was by Bopp & Bopp. The 16th principles to guide action is ” Be the change that you want to see” this quote is from Ghandi. He was saying that trying to convince other people to change doesn’t work, we need to change ourselves. As educators we need to model the change that we want to see and be living examples.

  kimcottini wrote @

I completely agree that change does not work when it is forced upon someone. When there is a need for change, the best way to go about it is to model the change for others and to use reflection to find the changes we need to make for ourselves.

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