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Your Digital Dossier

This YouTube video is about your digital dossier.  After I watched it, I was surprised at how much people could learn about me by information I unknowingly provide.  It secured my belief about keeping my own children’s names and pictures as well as those of my students off of my blogs, wiki, and Facebook.  I’ll let them create their own digital dossier when they are older, although I know I am responsible for adding to it as they were born in a hospital, they have passports, etc.

Unlike a fresh snowfall, you can’t see your tracks behind you.  Also, unlike a fresh snowfall, you can make tracks, snow angels or tractor tracks which can be erased and covered up the next time it snows.  We don’t know what our tracks will leave behind so what we can control, we should control with care as our digital dossier is also a record of our online reputation which is how we will be judged by those who know us well and those who are trying to figure out who we are.


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  dlink08 wrote @

Your Digital Dossier
I just read your comments on this and I agree that we have to be in control of what we share with others online. And I like your analogy of snow and the tracks that we leave can be covered but not information online. One has to be careful. I also wanted to share with you that one of my son’s classmates seen a picture of us on google images. I just shared that same picture with the class on the participants page on ec&i 831. I suppose that’s part of my digital dossier on the move. (lol)
later Darren

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