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Podcasting in the Classroom

Yesterday I tried out vocaroo with my students.  We had read a story in class about a dragon who helped a child overcome shyness.  The students were given sentence frames to rewrite the story.  Each student then read the story aloud while I recorded their voices using vocaroo.  Here’s an example:

Somebody\’s Dragon

I found that the students needed to speak loudly and yet it picked up all of the background noise.  I was so impressed by my students; they read silently at their desks and completed their journals quietly, waiting their turn respectfully.  I then posted these voice recordings on our blogs.

If you have a chance, please check out our blogs – writings and recordings.  Leave a kind comment for these kids who are learning rapidly and could use some encouragement from someone other than their teacher. – Thanks!



  stephen king wrote @

You’ve got to share your blog with your parents. This is a priceless thing you are doing Kim! It’s cool to see the way you use technology with the young ones!

  Patricia Cone wrote @

Cool Kimmi. My students wouldn’t be nearly so polite.

  jackie wrote @

Awesome Kim! Technology is so amazing. Was it hard to set-up a class blog? I will try to follow your classroom blog, I look forward to hearing more stories. Keep up the good work that you are doing with your students!

  Leanne wrote @

Wow Kim! You are such an amazing teacher — no wonder kids love you! You are always willing to bring something new to class and take chances. I envy your creativity and risk taking. How have the parents responded to your ‘new teaching methodologies’? As a matter of fact, how have fellow teachers reacted — has your new found interest caught their attention?

  kimcottini wrote @

Jackie, the blog I used for the classroom was not as user friendly as I had hoped it would be. Now that it’s set up though, I find it easier to use and the kids can navigate through quite well independently. I used Blogmeister – if someone has used it in your school already, you’ll have to get a school code from them and if not, you’ll need to apply for a code. Thanks for the encouragement!

  kimcottini wrote @

Leanne, I have had a couple of parents leave comments for their children on our blog but I’m not really sure of how they feel about this technology integration in the classroom. As for my colleagues, I haven’t done a lot of networking in the staffroom about it – I’ve been locked in my classroom playing around with everything instead. I guess I should get out there more!

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