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The other day my students met with their buddies from grades 7/8.  It amazed me to see my students guide their older buddies to our blog site.  My students then read their postings and the older students left comments.  The comments then came to me, of course, for moderation.  I decided to do this activity as a group because I thought the older students may not be able to read the postings from the younger students – we are working on content right now rather than proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.  As I read the comments, I was wondering what I was worried about – the older students’ writing wasn’t much better than the younger students’ despite the six year difference.   So then I started to wonder, is it important to stress spelling, grammar and punctuation?  The goal of our blog is to communicate and my students have communicated with their buddies – goal accomplished?  Let me know what you think:

I showed my students how to read their comments and they asked if they could leave comments on each other’s blogs so I showed them how to do this.  I had a chuckle this morning when I checked my e-mail.  My students were doing homework last night and the evidence was in the number of comment approval requests I discovered!



  handspiker wrote @

Considering my previous post on polls and Google Docs I do enjoy getting feedback from students and I find it really interesting to see the times in which students post responses. There seems to be two general trends emerging over the past three weeks. After school there is a minor rush, with a major rush of postings between 10pm-11pm. Could be due to jobs, maybe teens being night owls, or something else that currently escapes me.

  Melva Herman wrote @

Grammar, spelling and punctuation are important because they help to clarify communication, while we do not want to stifle communication by overemphasizing these mechanical aspects, we also have responsibility to teach them to our students. (I am not suggesting that you aren’t teaching them already, I am sure that you are). I just finished reading Other People’s Children by Lisa Delpit and she talks a lot about our responsibility as teachers to give children the language tools they need to be successful. Her emphasis is on children of colour and children of poverty. I think that children need to be taught these things, but also that there are times for just getting the message out, and times for deliberately using their voice, which may be different from mainstream in it’s grammar. I think it is really exciting that you had the kids’ buddies commenting and then that your kids were continuing to comment from home. You go, girl!

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