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Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

On Friday I read Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham.” to my students.  We then made green eggs and ham.  The students were surveyed after they tried the green eggs and ham and we discovered that 15/15 students liked the green eggs and ham.  So I thought I would import a survey on our wiki.  I couldn’t figure out GoogleDocs for this purpose (please send me any suggestions) so I tried out SurveyGizmo and I embedded it as a widget on our wiki.  I think the kids will be interested in finding out what other people think so please take this poll!  I thought I would embed the poll here as well but as I have been playing around, there is a poll button which quickly creates polls right here using PollDaddy!  So what do you think, do you like green eggs and ham? 

Using Stephen’s suggestion, I tried Google Docs again, with more success.

I think I like the first poll better; it’s prettier (I’m a girl, what can I say?).



  stephen king wrote @

Hi Kim, I had not heard of surveygizmo before. I had tried surveymonkey because of our Master’s Program.

You asked about a survey with google docs and I’m happy to share with you that you can do a survey using Google Forms within the Google docs application.

And thanks for the tip on the problem with my blog. I finally got it figured out. I was struggling because I was just trying to past the html into the comment section of my blog without setting it up to accept html. Oh well lesson learned.

  handspiker wrote @

Don’t you love the poll options that you can embed. I have made them pretty standard in both my Psych 20 classes and Law 30 class. It is great to have a snapshot of our “microcosm society” to facilitate debates about controversial topics.

  Patricia Cone wrote @

Are both the eggs AND the ham green, or just the eggs? BTW the morning show on community radio CFCR in Saskatoon is called “Green Eggs and Ham” and plays from 6 AM to 10 AM Monday to Friday.

  Leanne wrote @

Your class wiki is wonderful!

Have you questioned any of the parents yet to see how many of them refer to your wiki? What has their reaction been? What about your colleagues – have any of them ‘got on board’ and started their own because of your enthusisam and effort?

I think you are doing an incredible job and I look forward to your next survey!

  kimcottini wrote @

Thank you for your supportive and encouraging words, Leanne. I haven’t questioned the parents yet about using the wiki but the kids’ enthusiasm and their questions show me that they use the wiki at home. I hope the parents use it and find it useful.

  Miles Johnson wrote @

I loved to read about your interesting and interactive reading of Green Eggs and Ham. Those are the types of experiences that kids will talk about when reflecting upon Mrs. Cottini class in junior high or in their teenage years. Incorporating the survey into the process will get kids talking, thinking and learning. I believe that’s the goal?????

  gracemcleod wrote @

Kim, I agree with you, the first poll is prettier.

  gracemcleod wrote @

oh! And thanks for the heads up on the pretty poll as well. What a wonderful way to get students’ interested in learning through technology!

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