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This past Tuesday we had a guest speaker, Will Richardson, who spoke on the topic of blogging.  The conversation shifted from blogs to how to get staff members on board with using technology in schools.  I began to think of educator reactions, parent reactions and community reactions.  Much of the technology we have been using in this class has been new – I have found this to be very exciting.  And yet, is it not all one big experiment?  I won’t really know for a few years as to the effects of these “technology experiments” in my classroom.  This reason for reluctance was not addressed – I agree that teachers need more time to conduct their own experiments and play with technology but this excuse becomes just that – an excuse to me after awhile.  How do parents and society perceive these experiments with technology?  Dr. Muhammod was a speaker at a PD event recently in my school division.  He said that teachers teach the way they are taught – and I think in a way, parents and society expect this as well.  To borrow a thought from Dr. Muhammod to illustrate this point, in what other profession do children spend 5 1/2 hours per day watching a “mentor”?  Children do not watch dentists do their job for 5 1/2 hours per day, five days per week, 190 days per year.  Schools are a reflection of society;  maybe it’s not just the teachers who balk technology.



  Patricia Cone wrote @

Hi Kimmi

We had a facilities meeting today. When I suggested that we could possibly get rid of our fixed computer lab and use laptops, the primary teachers said, “Not for grade 1 and 2.” I replied that there were teachers of these grades using laptops with their classes. Was I out of line?

  kimcottini wrote @

No, I don’t think you were out of line Pat. I use the laptops with my class and yes, the students do need to get used to the keyboard among a number of other things but this has provided a lot of great learning opportunities and the kids are hooked. We had to get a portable lab because we needed more physical space for people – up until last year we had two labs. We are down to one lab so my computer classes went from every other day to two days in a ten day cycle. It just isn’t enough time. There are many things to teach kids but I have found that especially in terms of technology, the kids are very adaptable and they pick things up quickly and retain these skills (more than other skills it seems!). I would encourage you to encourage your teachers to give it a good try – not just once on the day that the wireless is down either!

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