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Oprahhad the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, on her show Friday, March 13.  Mark answered questions from the panel and talked about this phenomenon.  The biggest growing demographic on Facebook is now females in their 40’s and 50’s.   Now where will the kids go?  I was wondering if Facebook creates a false sense of identity?  Oprah has over 170,000 friends.  Mark set a goal for over a million friends by the end of the day.  If Oprah accepts my friend request, is she really my friend?  One of the guest panels also put out a call for friend requests.   How do you really know if celebrities have “okayed” their facebook pages?  Whoopi Goldberg, from The View, claims she has a Facebook page which she has not “okayed”.   I have also noticed that Oprah has been using Skype during her shows to connect with viewers unable to be audience members.   Is Oprah moving with technology?  Where will her show go from here?  Is she doing this because membership is decreasing or is she hoping to gain a larger membership?  Is TV becoming more interactive?  I remember the days of the Phil Donahue Show when he took viewer comments on the phone (dial up phone yet).

As I was looking for links for this blog, I noticed that Oprah is also on Twitter.  Canada AM is also on Twitter now.  Hmmm…



  Leanne wrote @

Facebook is definitely growing in popularity – and the whole ‘friend’ idea confuses me. I have tons (almost literally) of people who want to be my friend from high school – many of which had nothing to do with me – didn’t even acknowledge my existence back then. Just because we boast about our hundreds of friends – how many of them are true, reliable, friends???

[…] March 16, 2009 Posted by handspiker in Uncategorized. trackback I just finished reading Kim’s post on Oprah Connects and found it interesting how celebrities seem to flock to the connected world to market themselves […]

  mrsmelva wrote @

So far I have resisted the lure of facebook, but as I approach my 52nd birthday, I guess I’d better join! I had joined Bebo but didn’t follow through, I was hoping to keep in touch with my kid’s goings on but he “didn’t want to be my friend”. (go figure). I am trying to figure out what the advantage is of facebook over regular email, someone said it was for sharing pictures, but I just email pictures to those that I want to have them. Although I am a big Oprah fan I didn’t rush to sign up and be her friend. For now I’ll stick to my blog, email yahoo groups and webct/urcourses.

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