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A Sigh of Relief

I can see a light.  This has been a good day.  Spring is around the corner and supposedly will arrive on Friday.  My husband had his last basketball practice of the season.  They are off to a final provincial tournament this weekend – the last weekend away from the family.  This has been a long, cold, dark winter.  I finished writing a paper for my final project today.  I have sent it to my editor and I am prepared to polish it next week before I send it to my supervisor.  This evening I applied the grout sealer on the tiles I grouted two weeks ago.  There are so many things to check off on my lists.  Ahhhh…..



  mrsmelva wrote @

Good for you, Kim. You are very organized with your very busy life, I am impressed. I have been having a very lazy spell, but have plans to get a lot of work done this weekend and to map out what I still need to get done so that it is manageable. This has been such an exciting journey. I am learning a lot from your blog, thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

  Guy Penney wrote @

I can relate, I too am finally beginning to see some light around the corner. This has been a very challenging and trying winter that just does not seem to want to end. I was just commenting to a colleague today that slowly things are beginning to be removed from my plate. These past two years have been very rewarding and the sense of accomplishment will be great I am sure; however I am beginning to wonder what I will do with all my free time next year. In any case, its nice to know that the journey is coming to an end! I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. Say hello to Brian!

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