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Writing With Technology

As I write the last few words for my project paper, I relfect on how I have used technology during this journey.  I have used technology and technology has eased this writing process. 

Then – I completed my undergraduate degree in 1994.  At that time, any books or journals I used for research were accessed in a library.  As for the writing, I used a finicky computer which my father generously allowed my roomates and I to use for our undergraduate studies.  Once the computer was turned on, three floppy disks needed to be inserted in a specific order at specific times.  If not done correctly, the computer would not function.  When it did function, it was really only a glorified typewriter.  The only benefit was that if I made a mistake, I could correct it before it was printed out although I was the sole spell-checker; the program did not include a spell-check. 

Now – I did not physically visit a library for this project but I made more use of online journals than I ever used print journals for my undergraduate degree.  Not only can I access any number of journals, many others can access these same journals at the same time.  I don’t have to wait for someone to return something I may think I might need only to find out after a long wait that it really doesn’t work for my purposes.  As I find useful journals, I need only click a button for the citation.  All of these journals and online resources can be referred to as I write and with many windows open at one time I really feel like I can mutli-task.   As I have completed each section, I have e-mailed the sections to a friend to edit and make suggestions.  I get a near instant reaction to my work (my friend is a very quick editor!).  Now if only a computer could read my thoughts and transmit my thoughts into words which are written better than I can write!  Maybe as I pursue my next degree…



  mrsmelva wrote @

Kim, I can sure relate to what you have written. I wrote papers for my undergrad degree on a manual typewriter, but it did have a two layer ribbon, with white on top so I could shift and type over mistakes in white, then go back and retype in black! I had a little access to a floppy disc using apple computer at university, but no reliable access to a printer. After I began teaching I purchased a floppy disc Apple11e, which I was still using in my classroom until 2003! Working on my macbook and using the internet is so much more productive. We are so lucky to have all this technology, and to be able to use it to connect with so many wonderful colleagues and share our ideas.

  Trevor Gerwing wrote @

Your entry is an awesome display of the contrast between 15 years ago and now. Though I am infinitely younger than you 🙂 the transformation has been no less dramatic during my academic carrer. I wrote a blog entry about the death of the book and lamented my lack of reading books but when I read your blog entry as well as Alec’s response to my entry, I came to the conclusion that I, too, have never been such an avid reader.

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