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The North Battleford Comprehensive High Senior Boys Basketball team are the provincial champs (and to you Meadow Lake fans – it was a hard fought battle; a great final with a great team which easily could have gone either way). 

Why does this matter to me?  My husband is the coach.  He has coached this team for the past eight years and as we investigated the history of NBCHS and Hoopla, we realized this was the first win ever for the Comp.  The trophy dates back to 1967.  The closest they came was in 2006 when they won silver.  My husband dedicates hours for practice during the week and hours on the weekends for tournaments.  The win makes these hours seem worthwhile.

What does this have to do with technology?  Well, since the Star Phoenix and CTV News seem to only recognize Saskatoon and Regina teams as well as a few other teams and divisions, it becomes necessary for people who are unable to attend the games to find other ways to discover the outcomes of games.  Now that all of the hoopla is over, my husband has been contacted by these news sources in an effort to report the results but nothing had been mentioned pre-hoopla.  We were able to access theSHSAAwebsite (which needs to be updated and more user friendly by the way) to see the draws, scores and brief write ups about the games.  The players and the coach are able to instantly text or phone with cel phones to notify family and friends of game outcomes.  As my husband drives into town, the kids can contact family to make arrangements for rides home from the school. 

Who knew that technology could have such an impact on sports?



  Stephen King wrote @

When I think about it my first published work on the internet came when we hosted the 4A Girls Provincial Volleyball Championship in 2004. We also streamed some live video of the event. It was an awesome experience at the time, but it was a tremendous effort then to get it done. Doesn’t sound like it has changed much!

  Alec Couros wrote @

Wow, congrats. Very cool, this must be very big in NB.

And very cool link to the technology. Times are really changing!

  Trevor gerwing wrote @

One of my best friends in Meadow coaches the boys, so I was trying to follow the game. It is really frustrating that it isn’t webcast or something. Congrats on the Hoopla win – it is a great event and NBCHS was a deserving champion.

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