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In Response to March 24th Class

So, technology did not work as planned and I did not receive my weekly instructions via e-mail.  However, everything happens for a reason.  As I started connecting with people through e-mail and on Twitter, a number of students from our class created an instant learning community where we shared and asked questions.  It was a great experience and I thank those who shared the experience with me.  This also gave me some time to work on my class wiki and create a wordle for our upcoming play on Friday.  Inserting this wordle was a bit of a challenge for me to figure out but here it is:
Wordle: The Big Pancake Play

I think I might have my students create their own wordles if I can find a way to upload them on (I’m still not completely sold on this yet).  Maybe I should have created a site for class blogs as my final project.  Nothing like biting off more than I can chew!



  Alec Couros wrote @

Cool how that worked out. Not sure why you didnt get the email, you email was on the list. Hmmmm.

  kimcottini wrote @

Grace forwarded the message and yes, we were all included on the list! Our school division e-mail was down for the weekend. Maybe because of this some messages were lost?

  mrsmelva wrote @

According to my dad, the devil controls the internet so he probably took your email out of spite for all the good that you do! Actually, he is getting better, still doesn’t actually use the computer, but he will go and read a joke on screen now, previously my mum had to print everything out. I like what you said about skype, I actually have it on my computer but have never used it. When you have time, I have some new pictures etc. on my blog.

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