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Today my students presented a play for their parents at lunch time. We worked all week to learn lines, to learn where students should stand and how students could act, we painted backgrounds and we made masks.  The kids were SO excited for their parents to come to school and to perform the play.  I told them that I would record the performance and upload it to our wiki for those parents who were unable to come.  I also explained that we would make and wear masks for the recorded performance only.

I decided to try one of the new flip cameras at school.  I really liked the ease of use while I recorded.  I liked the way that I could hold the camera with just one hand.  I had trouble loading the videos on my computer at school because there are so many cords beside the ports that I could not connect the flip camera.  I tried to load the videos on one of the laptops.  I could connect the camera itself but I could not get the program up and running.  I brought the camera home and I was able to quickly load the videos.

Once the videos were loaded, there was a program that put everything into a video.  For some reason I opted for background music and after waiting for 10 minutes for everything to configure and do it’s thing, I realized that was a dumb idea so I opted for no background music, and waited another 10 minutes.  I watched the complete video only to realize that I had a double video in there and I didn’t want to edit and wait another 10 minutes so I decided to use my tried and true, Window Movie Maker program.  It has it’s own glitches but I know those glitches and what to do with them.

The other thing I like about the Windows Movie Maker is that I can add titles, animation and I can add transitions.  I put the video together, saved it, and waited another five minutes for this process to take place.  Please keep in mind that this play is only three minutes long!

I then went to add the video to our class wiki, only to then realize that I have to convert it to YouTube as I have not figured out a way to simply add a video from my library to the wiki.  Right now I’m waiting for YouTube to save this video (it’s been 10 minutes already!).  Ooh, now it’s uploaded, but processing (I’m taking bets – 10 minutes?).




  mrsmelva wrote @

Very cute, and the kids spoke very well. It was worth the time it took, but it sure can be frustrating when these things don’t go as smoothly as expected. I’m sure that the parents who couldn’t attend the kive performance will appreciate the video, and even those who did attend will probably watch it again. Good job. They are lucky to have such a creative and hardworking teacher,

  Leanne wrote @

Too cool!

You did a fabulous job with the producing, directing and taping of your play. You have shown some wonderful, innovative lessons throughout the course of this class – with the use of technology. You should be so proud of your accomplishments!!! I can’t wait to see what next year holds!

I especially enjoyed how you managed to find a way around taping your students without revealing their identity — where there’s a will – there’s a way!

Keep up the fabulous work Kim!!

  megan gerwing wrote @

Very cool Kim. You are obviously doing an amazing job with your students. I understand what you mean about waiting. That is one of my greatest frustrations with my computer. I am sure if I had a more powerful machine it would help.

  courosa wrote @

Very nicely done! Isn’t it wonderful how quickly video can be taken, edited, produced and uploaded? This is something that is only recently this easy, and it will be something that will change the world!

  billybean wrote @

Great video! I know what you mean about it taking so long. I haven’t yet got around editing the video outside of the Flip programmes if I want the sound rather than the music that comes with it and find going into a software programme much easier.

You may want to check your coding on the you tube insert. I only recently found out that when I embedded YouTube into my blog it then suggested other clips which weren’t appropriate. You need to add some code at the end of the url link. You will have square brackets and at the end you need to add &rel=0 just before the end bracket to get rid of the suggestions.

Good luck with your future clips!

  kimcottini wrote @

Thanks for the suggestion about the insert – my students watch our videos on our wiki and eventually find clips. I am unsure as to how appropriate these videos are for little eyes!

  Kim wrote @

Thanks to billybean for the advice about YouTube videos – it worked well on this blog but I tried it on my wiki videos with no luck and that’s where I really need to elliminate the extra videos. Is there a separate “code” for YouTube videos on wikis?

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