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I discovered this program called Animoto from Leanne’s blog and I meant to try using this tool for our pancake movie but forgot about it until after I was done. So this is a short 30 second blip to try Animoto. It was quick, easy to use, has images and music available for people to access.
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I have learned a lot using this tool – sometimes I feel so stupid!  I was trying to find the URL to link this video and I actually kept sending this video to myself all the while not realizing it!  This is even easier than I thought – now that I have it figured out. 

Simple – set up an account (1 minute), choose a theme, choose images within the theme, choose your favorite type of music, choose a specific song, click on edit (in all 4 minutes), wait for processing (maybe 5 minutes), choose from about six choices of what you would like to do (such as download, e-mail, embed, etc. – less than 1 minute), once posted to blog – locate under edits and voila – it’s done!



  megan gerwing wrote @

Cool website Kim and Leanne. I just took a quick peek at it but I think I will play around on it in the future. I have so many videos of my kids that I would like to edit. I also like how little time it took you to complete a project. User friendly products rock.

  megan gerwing wrote @

I did not realize that you had made your own video. I just watched it and now have a better understanding of the technology. I guess its not really a video editing tool but rather a video making tool. I have a million pictures of my kids that would make a cool video.

  megan gerwing wrote @

Can you use your own images or do you have to use the ones from the Animoto site?

  kimcottini wrote @

Megan, you can use your own photos and your own music as well. I’m not sure how easy it is to upload these items.

  ddmccallum wrote @

This is very interesting and a tool I am going to become more familiar with in May and June. Lord, I am going to be just as busy in May and June checking the huge amount of tools that we have been introduced to that I will be just as busy as I am now. But I look forward to contuning my learning even after I am not being motivated by marks. Thanks for sharing what you have learned. I find that a great way of connecting with new things because I sure wouldn’t have been able to find a lot of the tools that others have shown me.

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