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Oops, sorry – this was an unfiltered publication.  On Friday I was at an amazing workshop with Kathy Cassidy.  I played with some new tools and toys on my class blog and I was trying to embed some of these neat things here.  The Internet went down in the afternoon so I didn’t get a chance to finish this and then I left town for the weekend.  I was able to embed this shelfarion my class blog which is an image of a bookshelf with the books you have read, are presently reading, or are planning to read.  It’s really cool and I’m hoping it’s another communication tool for parents.  Perhaps if parents see the books we are reading in class, they may be encouraged to reread the stories with their children. 

I also added the Weather Pixie and the ClustrMap.  I think the ClustrMap was mentioned in our class but I hadn’t had a chance to try it until Friday.  I used Imagechef to add a picture to our blog.  With this tool you can choose a picture from their files and add your own message.

Question – I have been able to use these tools with ClassBlogmeister but I’m stuck trying to add these images to this WordPress Blog.  Does anyone know what I need to do to make these compatible with this blog?



  courosa wrote @

Doesn’t look like this embed worked, Kim. Sometimes they are not compatible with … you might have to just link to it.

  Todd wrote @

Tried checking out your links Kim and could not get anywhere 😦

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