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I never thought I would do this, but to truly step out of my comfort zone, I felt I must post a vlog.  This has probably been my most uncomfortable experiences thus far.



  Todd wrote @

Way to go Kim! I hated doing mine as well even though most people said I seemed comfortable in front of the camera. Learning means taking chances and you are doing that! Congrats.

  kicode wrote @

Yeah Kim! You did it! This whole experience has been about taking risks and I believe it has made us all better teachers. It has also opened up a world of possibility that I had never encountered. I feel that the class has prepared me to leave the master’s program with skills that reflect that fact that we are working in the 21st century with 21st century students.

I’ve really enjoyed your blogging and have gotten several really good ideas from you. I hope that the end of the class does not mean the end of your blog! Keep on sharing and stay connected!

  mrsmelva wrote @

You go, girl! You have tried so many things, and shared them here, I am learning a lot from you and will be trying a lot of these things AFTER I hand in my project! I really appreciate how much you have shared, and how you have involved your students. Like you, I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front, so I commend you for taking this step. It is important for us as teachers to do what we expect our students to do and to speak out for our students and you are doing a great job of both. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing it.

  Patricia Cone wrote @

Nighty night Kimi!

  Alec Couros wrote @

Kim, so very well done. Thank you for taking this risk. You’ve done such a great job here, and your honesty about your “comfort zone” is very well-taken.

You’ve made me proud here. Thanks so much, it is great to hear your thoughts here!

  rmGuy wrote @

Kim, nice to know that other young teachers are reflecting “out loud” on using technology in their classroom. And as for taking risks, our students will better learn to take risks of their own if we model ourselves as risk takers by stepping outside of our “comfort zone.”

  jane hake wrote @

Nice job! Love to see teachers get out of the comfort zone, since we ask kids to do it all the time!

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