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Viva Las Vegas!

My husband and I returned from our trip to Las Vegas.  We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this past December and had never been on a honeymoon so my husband surprised me with the trip.  We have never spent more than a couple of days away from our children so after carefully arranging grandparents to stay with the kids, we applied for passports and began to plan the trip.  I used to travel quite a bit before we were married so after a ten year hiatus, I have noticed a number of differences in travel.

First of all, we printed our boarding passes off at home before we left for the airport.  Everyone is aware of the tight restrictions at the security gate.  On the aircraft, I had my own personal TV.  There were no TV dinners provided (I had always loved those) but I did have my green tea and a cookie to dip.  As we went through Customs in the US, they simply swiped our passports to gain all of our information instantly and in some cases, travellers were required to provide fingerprints (on a screen) and eye scans. 

So with all of this technology, I was surprised to discover that debit cards were not used in the States.  When I obtained some American currency, the bank teller told me I would not be able to use my debit card, but I had assumed it was because of the difference in currency.  My credit card was ready to melt from over-use though.

The Shows.  We went to Elton John’s The Red Piano show and what a show it was!  His commentary between songs was quite funny.  He had lots of blow ups props throughout the show as well as a huge screen which showed various video montages.  Yet, with all of the amazing visuals, the best part of the show was his voice and the piano.

We went back in time to the Tournament of Kings.  Cutlery was not even provided at this medieval feast so I shall not describe the technology incorporated into this show (fanastic experience though!).

Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil – I guess it depends who you ask.  My husband found the show to lack the magic and be too theatrical.  I come from a theatre background – I loved it and I was astonished by the props.  They must have had an enormous area backstage for everything that arrived on stage from the wings and from the ceiling.  The costumes were phenomenal.  And there was magic too.  Like Elton John’s show, there was a huge screen for video support.

In 1997 I spent six weeks in Europe on a tour of a number of countries.  I brought four or five rolls of film with me.  I had to be careful of what I took pictures of because it was not easy to find the film I needed and I also knew how costly it would be when I got home to process the film.  Digital cameras are essential for any traveller.  Granted, I didn’t take hundreds of pictures, but I didn’t worry about how many or what I was taking pictures of. 

Seeing Paris in Vegas

Seeing Paris in Vegas

Despite the changes in technology in the world, it still saddened me to see people on the street all day handing our cards for girls on the strip.  Technology continues to bring us closer together and yet, I can see that I live worlds apart from many other people.



  mrsmelva wrote @

Sounds like a wonderful trip, Kim, thanks for sharing it.

  Erin wrote @

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Thanks! 🙂

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