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Wow!  How time flies.  I had really enjoyed reflecting on this blog throughout my Master’s classes.  Since I completed all of my courses, I kind of left this alone.  I can’t believe my last blog posting was from 2009!

Today I attended a Technology Boot Camp and realized how much I miss reflecting online.  I am feeling frustrated and over-whelmed in my teaching practice and as I glanced over this blog I felt a calm which encouraged me to continue the blogging journey albeit not a Master’s journey but beyond.  It seems the more experience I have under my belt the less confident I feel as well as less competent.  Difficult as it is to put these thoughts and feelings out there, they are real and they are the truth.  I read a blog today title “RollerCoaster” by Shelley Wright and she stated that teaching has a beautiful side and a dark side – I can relate!  I love the demands and challenges of this career but I also dread the demands and challenges of this job.


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  Stephen King wrote @

Hi Kim,

I hear you. I made it part of my growth plan to start blogging again. I really miss the positive connections I was making when working on EC&I 831. I have to make time for it again; I’m actually considereing starting a new blog that is not so tech oriented and more a reflection of the positive things going on around school.

I still do the twitter thing from time to time, although I’m mostly a lurker. It was sure nice to see someone else from our group updating a blog; I hope to see more. Take care.


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