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A few years ago a book was recommended for me to read – it is called Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson.  At the time I thought “big deal, I’m capable of changes, I thrive on changes, I’ve had many big changes.”  True enough, in a matter of six years I had moved communities, been married, had a child, changed schools, moved to a new house, had a second child and changed grades.  Change was no big deal for me; it was my norm.

As I sit here and reminisce on those years I realize that was nearly ten years ago and since then I have been teaching in the same classroom, living in the same home with the same three people.  Professionally I am confronted with change, changing my ways, my teaching styles, even my beliefs and I don’t really know how to change or even if I want to change.  In many ways I am comfortable where I am at.  Lately though, I have not been comfortable with how my students have been behaving nor how I have been unable to teach effectively regardless of initiatives within our school division. 

Maybe I need to crack open that book one more time and think about what I need to change and how I can make positive changes.  A comment by Stephen King on a previous blog seems to be pointing me in a direction I would like to explore in an effort to make the necessary changes to improve my teaching methods, my interactions with my students, my professional life as well as my personal life.



  Stephen wrote @

OK Kim your pushing me here. You are back into blogging and I think I need to do the same. You read the book I recommended and I’ll get blogging again. I’m curious though; what got you started again? Do you miss the feedback you were getting, do you miss the act of reflection coupled with feedback, or is it something else?

  kimcottini wrote @

I’m pushing you, Stephen? It seems like you are too – I’m always up for a challenge though! I got back into blogging mostly because I remembered how reflection helped me to discover answers to question which I sometimes didn’t even know I had. I’m struggling with my class this year and I felt that through blogging I might uncover some needed answers. I know things need to change but I’m not sure what I need to change or how to make the changes. I do appreciate your feedback and I do appreciate a challenge so I’ll take you up on your offer – I’ll order the book you recommended, I’ll read it over Christmas (if it’s here in time) and I will look forward to reading your posts!

  kimcottini wrote @

Okay Stephen, I’ve ordered the book and I am awaiting it’s arrival.

  Stephen King wrote @

I ordered a copy for our entire staff for Christmas – I’m thinking big here!

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