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I finished reading Room by Emma Donaghue.  I remember reading the first chapter of the book and I couldn’t understand why this woman would keep this child in a room; what was her motivation?  Were there other rooms with other women and children nearby?  But I also couldn’t believe what a day in the life looked like.  Jack, whom narrated the story, wrote about having to turn the TV off after a certain amount of time.  Jack wrote about the yucky vegetables he had to eat.  Jack wrote about the daily routine in Room; he wrote about having Phys. Ed and reading time and art times.  He wrote about the importance of having a bath everyday, washing the clothes and sheets.  All of this made me question Ma’s motives even more.  However, in the second chapter, it is revealed that Ma is kept prisoner by Old Nick as well as Jack and from that point I admired Ma so much.  Here she was locked in a room with a 5 year old and yet she insisted upon proper nutrition, she limited Jack’s TV time, she kept him clean, she sparked his creativity and she did her best to keep his small body moving during Phys. Ed. 

Eventually Jack and Ma escape and they are in the safe care of a psychiatric hospital.  It was at this point in the book where I realized the importance of early intervention and the importance of doing the best with what you have.  When I imagine stepping into Ma’s shoes (socks rather as she did not wear shoes in Room) I can’t help but think that I would probably turn the TV on and lay under Duvet and sleep my worries away.  I admire Ma for her ability to make the best out of a terrible situation.  Ma inspires me to do better; to do the BEST I can do with what I have and I am fortunate, I have a lot.  I have happy healthy children, I have support from family and friends, I am healthy, I have a successful career, I have a home and most importantly I have freedom.  I have the freedom to do what I wish to do when I wish to do it.


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