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(not that I want to be)

I was scoring writing last week so I read a number of writing samples written by grade three students.  My group thoroughly enjoyed reading stories, narratives and letters written by grade three students.  My favorite letter was written by a little boy who was describing a Barbie.  He had a sister and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t asking for this Barbie for Christmas.  At this point in the letter he wrote “if I were a girl (not that I want to be) I would ask for that Barbie for Christmas.”  It doesn’t matter how old a person is, they can still write with a lot of voice!


I Can Live With That!

In Science today we were testing the weight of towers made from paper.  I had a student walk down the hall with me to pick something up.  It was a cold day here, not many students were at school and I was complaining about how tired I felt.  I jokingly asked this student if she would give me a piggy-back ride.  She said she couldn’t.  I asked why and she said because I was too heavy.  She then went on to tell me that she thought I weighed more than 1000 grams! (That was the greatest weight the students had to use)  I told her that usually I’m sensitive about my weight but I could live with someone telling me they thought I weighed more than 1000 grams!

Are you Ukranian or Native?

My students are forever saying funny things and telling me funny stories.  I remember these stories long enough to tell a couple of people but after a few days I can’t remember what made me giggle inside or roar with laughter.  So I thought it best to record some of these funnies in this forum.

Yesterday my class was in Gym for the first period of the day.  I was working in the classroom when two of my students walked in late together.  We greeted each other and they told me of how they met up with each other along the way and walked the rest of the way to school together.  As they were putting on their shoes they continued their conversation.  Student one, “I wonder how many Native students we have in our class?” Student two, “Yah, I wonder how many Ukrainian students we have in our class.”  Student one began to list whom she thought were Native students in our class and counted.  She stated her final tally to Student two.  Student two said “Hmm, I thought we had more Ukrainian students than that.  I think Julia* is Ukrainian because she is going to Texas to visit her grandparents in a month to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas.”  Student one, “Oh, okay.  I didn’t know that Julia* is Native but that makes sense now.”  At this point the two girls had their shoes on and walked out the door.  Sometimes I feel like I’m having conversations with people who aren’t understanding me but I’m usually aware that we may be talking about two different things!  Obviously not with these two!  As a side note, Julia* is neither Ukrainian or Native!