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Techno Screw Up (Well, really MY screw up!)

Last night I finished a Voice Thread for my Bio.  I really like using Voice Thread.  I have even tried it with my grade one students.  I don’t like the fact that it is difficult to edit and delete once something had been saved though.  Anyways, I attempted to add this Voice Thread to the Participant Directory on the EC&I wikispace.  Somehow, I don’t know how, I erased Stephen’s Bio (sorry Stephen!  It’s all fixed now though!) and I put my Voice Thread on his Bio.  Thanks to Alec, he was able to retrieve Stephen’s Bio.  I have since been able to add my Voice Thread to the right place but man, did I ever feel like a tool this morning when I checked the Directory and realized what I did.  (Will you forgive me Stephen?!!!)


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  stephen king wrote @

Well Kim I didn’t realize you had deleted me! I could have taken a day off work and no one would have noticed! LOL NO problem!

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